Dr. Cellophane (neogrammarian) wrote in geekoutatlj,
Dr. Cellophane

WhedonHeads Queue Up

So if you're a geek and Not following Warren Ellis' community over at Whitechapel Why Not?

Today you might be able to read interesting subdebate about Whedon's lesbian characters here (subdebate begins w/Ellis' comment at #40, page 2) and continues.

Willow & Tara are implied, but not named, whereas Wash, Zoe, Lindsey, Doyle, Angel (S3), Spike (S7) are all queered.

And reference is made to the "dead lesbian" trope being traditional with Whedon.

Just figured I'd link it over here b/c there's some interesting implications in all of those throwaway comments on the thread.

(For those of you not Whitechapelers who might consider jumping into that debate, I'd do so cautiously. Read the FAQs first, and remember that Ellis & his techmafia keep the peace with a heavy cyber cane).

You don't believe me? Don't think you should go take a gander?

I quote Mr Warren Ellis (and friend of Whedon) himself: Because Wash was such a dyke.
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