Calyx of the Heavens (heavenscalyx) wrote in geekoutatlj,
Calyx of the Heavens

Lost Odyssey (xbox 360), so far

++++ Can choose Japanese voices! No hideous nails-on-chalkboard American voices!

++ Main female char's voice is TOTALLY SEXXAY OTOKUYAKU VOICE.

--- The subtitles are NOT generally backed with a dark background to make reading easier. Have been losing anywhere between 10%-60% of the dialogue depending on the background. Apparently, now REALLY must learn Japanese. (Though my bits of fangirl Japanese have been handy so far. I was able to pick up little things like what Seth [our main female] tells monsters when she's about to kill them, and catching one bit of dialogue when I couldn't read the subtitles.)

- Fonts are tiny and hard to read, in general. I suspect they made this for people with GREAT BIG TVs.

+ Our grim, angsty, emo lead male character wears dangly earrings when he's in the city. He's kind of femme in other ways, too, though that may just be the emo qualities feminizing him.

+ Our matter-of-fact lead female character is butch, though her outfit isn't especially so. But she's got a GREAT BIG SWORD.

++++ We periodically unlock memories for our male lead. Someone wrote something like 50 short stories for his memories; they are dynamically presented with pretty backgrounds and playful animations of the fonts. WANT THAT JOB NOW PLZKTHX.

+ Turn-based combat engine. SO NICE.

+ Plot seems interestingly baroque.

+ I am engaged with the characters. Not as much as, say, FF7, but certainly a metric ton more than FF12.

+ The facial expression animations are GORGEOUS. All the animation is GORGEOUS.

+ I HEART NOBUO UEMATSU. He played with themes that were very similar to the music in FF9 for this game, so it immediately warms me toward the game, even without the other awesome features.

-/+ Given my perpetual eyestrain and the font issues, I don't think I can play this for marathon sessions, and I'm usually okay with putting it down after an hour of playing. But I want to dive in and swim around.
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