GoodGothGirl (goodgothgirl) wrote in geekoutatlj,

Geek weekends in Richmond

These days, my partner and I have been devouring Battlestar Gallactica. If you haven't watched the new series, and you love television shows with great characters, great action and great drama, get over to Netflix now!

Seriously. I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer geek, and BSG is the first show I've seen since BTVS where I can't guess what's going to happen next. We've made it to Season 3 in BSG, and I'm shocked by where the series has gone. We can't stop watching, either! We sit down to watch one or two episodes and we wind up watching at least three in one sitting.

So BSG is always on tap for our weekends. My partner is in school in addition to working full time, so she's usually doing homework. On occasion -- very rare for me -- we go out to the local goth/fetish club. We have one in Richmond, believe it or not! My partner is steampunk in her style, and I'm old-school goth and love corsets.

Every once in a while, I make it to events held by the Society for Creative Anachronisms. While I suspect that there are several scholars in this community, I am not one, so I love dabbling in medieval romanticizing. I'm aware that the Middle Ages weren't romantic by any stretch, but I love the clothes, food and arts. :)

This weekend, though, I'm on the couch starting a few knitting projects. I'm a new knitter, and I'm having a blast! It's awesome to create something out of nothing. I'm also a homebody these days, so it's given me something I can accomplish while sitting on the couch. To cap off the geekery, I've started hosting Craft Nights, so all my geeky friends can join me on the couch while we knit, crochet, make jewelry, etc. Power to the crafty geeks!
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