Dr. Cellophane (neogrammarian) wrote in geekoutatlj,
Dr. Cellophane

Gentlefolk, all

Well, it looked like we were working out a rather lively conversation in the poll post, but things have quieted down since.

It is winter, and it's possible y'all have a heavy raiding schedule :> I understand.

Anyway- for this week's mixer, why not weigh in on what you do on weekends, or this weekend? (Those of you looking for an active community, anyway. Of course passive communities can be useful too, they just provide different kinds of support than active comms!)

I just work on weekends, so I've got no stories. But I have considered posting links to that new PS3 game Flower which I'd love to play and will never, as I'll never afford a PS3, or a link to news about the new AbFab reboot, but it's been public knowledge since October, apparently, and so I figured y'all probably already knew about it.

My geek project for the weekend, if I have time, is to download an iso of the newest ubuntu build so I can upgrade sometime soon. I'm sort of a penguinhead. But not to freeBSD-level, I sure don't have those skilz.
Tags: computers, weekends
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