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Family on Who and BSG

[So I realize we haven't got a spoilers policy. I'm going to leave Who up top, as Seasons 1-4 are all on dvd now, but put BSG under the cut, in case some ppl weren't watching on tv or hulu].

So finally seeing the end of Series 4 of Doctor Who got me thinking. First, thinking about how much I love strong plotting, and how sad it was that S4 had so little of it compared to earlier seasons. I also thought about how much I ended up liking Donna, as she was smart in a way I had thought Martha would be, but we never got to see. Donna we got to see be smart, all season, on camera. We also got to see her be independent, on camera. Thus is was really sad to see the finale just tank so terrifically.

Ah well. But rather than just capture the Doctor's enduring isolation w/an emo final expression as per usual, they ended S4 w/a verbalization. The Doctor may have an enormous 'family' but he realizes "they all have someone." Except famously for him. [And makes me wonder what sort of Cap'n Jack-style Earth Mother Dr. Song must be to finally convince the big D to engage someone as an equal.] I'd argue that level of isolation queers the Doctor to some degree. And so he creates a family.

Not the best segue, but work w/me here.

I'm uninterested in getting terribly involved in the ins and outs of the finale, which I just saw. I am not, I will admit, a member of the United Church of BSG.

But I wrote a postlet a few months back about the intra-season webisodes and queerness on BSG.

Previous to the webisodes' airing, the queer press expressed some interest in rumors that "Gaeta would be gay."

And, indeed, Gaeta had a boyfriend, for all of 2.5 minutes (rounding up).

Back in December, here were some of my thoughts on that issue:

Of course, as the only nonAARP member of the crew not screwing like a weasel so far, [Gaeta]'s naturally been -coded- as gay for a long time now....Given that Dumbledore was so closeted during the entirety of many really Long books that he might as well have locked his sexuality in a lavendar horcrux, I'm not so sure I see Gaeta as much of an improvement.

His overt queerness is relegated to webisodes- short segments that not all of the audience sees....I'm not even going to demand Gaeta get softcore shot-for-shot to match his straight comrades (though I know some queer media voices will want this). If he's gonna be gay, let's give him a decent relationship, or even a dysfunctional relationship, like everyone else gets, not just sex.

And I'm afraid I don't see that happening in webisode-form.

Which means that even less than a bone (har har) thrown to the queer viewing audience, it's a bone thrown to the (mostly) straight fanficcers. Which is what Dumbledore was, I suspect, in an even more obviously pandering move.

So there it is, then. I like Gaeta. I like him more than a lot of characters on that show. Part of me is glad that he's going to be gay, and not merely be coded as gay. And part of me's sad that once again, the queers are left w/the scraps, instead of being set a place at the table.

Of course, at the restart of the season Gaeta's (apparently) ditched the bf, then runs a mutiny and gets himself executed.

Which leaves us with Hoshi. The audience sees none of his emotional rx to being dumped, as the "relationship" is entirely encapsulated in the webisodes. Hoshi mans his post (as it were) and avoids getting shot and is apparently well-enough liked (we are told once, fleetingly) that Adama makes him Admiral before heading off for the final showdown. Queers apparently make crappy commanders, though they know their limits: the minute he gets a chance on the new Earth, Hoshi hands back the buttons, saying he wasn't really fit to command.

So for all that I keep hearing about orientation-blind BSG, I don't see it. We have 3 queer humans, all of which are tiny roles, and prove to be monsters at best or admit to being sad-eyed followers (at best?). And we have a queer cylon who is killed. None of them gets the screen time of any of the other regular castmembers. All fall into the classic cinema-queer Lunatic or Loser categories. 75% fatality rate for the BSG queers. (True of redshirts generally, I know, but given the propensity to end a film w/a dead cinemaqueer, I think the 75% rate weighs more heavily than usual w/NPCs).

So I donno. Is this all just old news? Anyone have any thoughts about this? Will Roddenberry's homophobic ghost ever rest in peace?
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